Punjab National Bank Personal Loan – How to Apply, Features and Eligibility

Punjab National Bank (PNB), established in 1895, offers personal, agricultural, social, international, and corporate banking services to a network of over 5000 branches and over 6000 ATMs in all parts of the country.

PNB Personal Loan Schemes

Among its many financial services, Punjab National Bank offers the best personal loan schemes to help individuals to meet their personal needs.

  1. Punjab National Bank Education Loan
  2. Punjab National Bank Home Loan
  3. Punjab National Bank Business Loan

How PNB Personal Loan Benefits Help Applicants?


  • Multipurpose loans: Users can get a pretty PNB loan amount for your genuine purposes.
  • Requires Minimum Documents: The PNB bank requires a few basic eligible documents to approve your personal loan scheme amount.
  • No Security Deposit: Customers, who are applying for PNB loan schemes need not think about the security.
  • Convenient Repayment Options: PNB Loan amount can be easily paid by the customer with easy and multiple payment options as they choose namely ECs, auto-debit, PDCs, online payment, and so on.

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Who Can Apply for PNB Personal Loan Schemes?

A personal loan is an unsecured loan/collateral is a high-risk loan for the bank because the interest rate of these loans is higher than the secured loans. This unsecured personal loan is an ideal multipurpose loan to expect immediate cash requirements for important needs like medical emergencies, travel expenses, personal expenses, etc.

To apply this PNB Personal Loan Scheme, the applicant has to know first the eligibility criteria and the factors to surely consider so that your loan doesn’t get rejected.

Based on the repayment capacity, which is calculated based on your monthly income, the lender will fix your maximum and minimum loan amount.

It is suggested to everyone to know all these factors and eligibility before applying for a PNB Personal loan to avoid rejection of your application and won the best possible loan amount.

All salaried, self-employed individuals, defense persons, qualified doctors, and pensioners of any PNB bank branch can apply for personal loan schemes.

Also, LIC agents having an account of PNB bank can also avail personal loan schemes of Punjab National Bank.

People who are looking for funds for home renovation, marriage expenditures, family trips, foreign travel or other expenses, PNB personal loans ensure financial fulfillment.

  1. Punjab National Bank Education Loan

  • PNB Saraswati Education Loan – Students who want to go for higher education in India can apply for this loan.
  • PNB Pratibha Education Loan – Merit students who have admission to a regular degree/diploma in any Indian Institutes can apply for the loan.
  • PNB Udaan Education Loan – Meritorious students who want to pursue higher education in abroad can apply for this loan.
  1. Punjab National Bank Home Loan

  • Home Purchase Loan – Customers who want to purchase, construct, and expand their existing property.
  • Home Construction Loan – Customers who have their own land and require cash to build their homes.
  • Home Extension Loan – Customers who want to extend the space to their existing home. Here is the my previous article please check How to Apply for PNB Home Loan
  1. Punjab National Bank Business Loan

    This loan is meant for business ventures.

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