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A PAN card is the most vital documents required in India. It is required at every step of a financial transaction, for instance, when you need to file for income tax returns or make payments of more than Rs. 50,000 and even for something as basic as opening a bank account. A PAN card acts as a valid proof of your identity and is valid all throughout India.  You can issue this for the citizens of India, along with non-residential Indians (NRIs), minors, and even citizens of other countries. However, the process of applying for a PAN card is different for all the three sorts of people mentioned above. This article further focuses on the process of application for a PAN card for the citizens of India and how you can apply for one online.

The steps mentioned below specifically cater to individuals only and does not consider certain other categories under which a PAN card can be issued. The other categories include an association of persons, company, limited liability partnership, a body of individuals, trust, government, firm artificial juridical person, Hindu undivided family, or the local authority.

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What Document do you need for PAN Card Application Online?

The process to apply for a PAN card online for Indian citizens is relatively easy than the other categories. You will only require three kinds of documents to apply for the PAN card, which are address proof, identity proof, and a proof of your birth date.


For your address proof, you can select either one of the following documents. However, you should ensure that the documents are not more than 3 months old:

  • electricity bill
  • broadband connection or landline telephone bill
  • gas connection book or card or the bill of a piped gas
  • water bill
  • bank account statement
  • credit card statement
  • depository account statement
  • passport
  • photocopy of a post office passbook that includes your address
  • voter ID card
  • spouse’s passport
  • driving licence
  • Aadhaar card that has been issued via the UIDAI
  • property registration document
  • original copy of employer’s certificate

For your Identity proof, you can use any one of the below mentioned documents:

  • Ration card including the applicant’s photograph
  • Elector’s photo identity card
  • Passport
  • Arm’s license
  • Driving licence
  • Unique Identification Authority of India issued Aadhaar card
  • Pensioner Card with the applicant’s photograph
  • Bank certificate that includes the original letterhead of the branch. Along with that, the name and stamp of the issuing officer should be mentioned and should have the bank account number duly attested and a photograph of the applicant.

You can provide any of the following mentioned proof of date of birth:

    • Registrar of Marriages issued marriage certificate
    • pension payment order
    • matriculation certificate
    • driving licence
    • passport
    • domicile certificate which has been issued by the Government

If you want to know about how to apply for a pan card for any other category apart from an individual, there are some more documents that you will need. The full list of the documents required for the other categories is given on the income tax department’s website.

What is cost of applying online for a PAN card?

The cost of applying for a PAN card in India can vary depending on the citizenship of the individual. It is comparatively lesser for Indian citizens, at around Rs. 116, excluding the Rs. 5 required for online payment. However, for foreign citizens, the fee is a bit more expensive at Rs. 1,020 for a new PAN card, but the online payment charges remain the same.

Steps for Apply Pan Card Online:

Step 1: To start with the process, you have to submit the PAN card application form 49A, which is available on the NSDL website of

Step 2: With this step, you are ready to apply for the PAN card. All you need to do is follow the instructions mentioned on the site and fill in your details on the form.

Step 3: Once you have finished filling the necessary information, you need to decide the mode of payment and pay for the card. The payment can be made via debit/credit cards or even net banking or demand draft. You will be notified once the payment has cleared and be provided with an acknowledgement number. You need to save this number for later use.

Step 4: After the payment and application have been submitted and accepted, the applicant needs to send the rest of the documents through the post to NSDL. Only after they have received the document will the PAN application be processed by NDSL.

How to Make Corrections or Changes on your Pan Card?

There are many cases in which sometimes you might need to change the details of your PAN card. For example, if you shift after you have applied for the PAN card, you might need to change the address details on the card. Further mentioned below are the ways in which you can make the required changes:


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Step 1: Log onto the NSDL website and fill the application form required for making changes/corrections in your PAN card.  

Step 2: The charges to make changes in your Pan card is similar to the cost of getting a new one, which is Rs. 93 excluding the GST for Indian addresses, and Rs. 864, excluding GST for international addresses. The payment can be made online through cards or net-banking. Once the payment has cleared, you will get an acknowledgement number, which needs to be saved for future use.

Step 3: After you have received the acknowledgement number, you have to send the documents that support your personal information via postal services to NSDL. The process of PAN application will start once NSDL has received all the required documents and the information checks out.

A PAN card is a necessary document for any citizen to have since the Indian Income Tax Department then allocates a 10 digit alphanumeric and a unique number for you which can be used for many purposes and has lifetime validity.

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